Valentines Day Ideas

Say Happy Valentine’s Day From Work

In a perfect world, Valentine’s Day would come complete with Valentines Gifts of a rose-scented bath, expensive wine, succulent sweets, and enough time off of work to thoroughly enjoy it all with that special someone.

But let’s face it; you’ll be lucky to leave the office early enough to prepare the normal evening meal let alone anything special. Since running past the supermarket for a bouquet of faded flowers seems a bit cheesy and overdone, what can you do to show your significant other that you care on Valentines Day without calling in sick?

Although calling in sick is a good option, it is not always feasible. There are just times when you must buckle down and get the job done, even if it is Valentine’s Day.

Here are a few sweet and simple things that you can do to show your sweetie that you care on this special day for lovers:

If you start early, you can shower your special someone with small Valentines Gifts all day. This will make him/her feel like they are constantly on your mind even while you are at work. A simple card at breakfast, a phone call or email in the morning, and a flower delivery in the afternoon will do the trick.

And the best part? It won’t take a lot of time to shower your lover with small gifts all day long.

*If you work within close proximity of each other, you may want to schedule a special lunch rather than wait for the evening to celebrate. Once home, the rigors of the day are bound to catch up with you leaving you feeling tired, stressed, and not in the mood to put forth the extra effort to celebrate.

You may also have children that will be home in the evening. This makes it difficult to enjoy time alone as a couple.

Never underestimate the power of a small note tucked away into a briefcase or work folder. Sometimes the simplest gestures mean the most especially if they are unexpected.

Plan to meet right after work for a romantic evening out on the town. This will allow you to spend the evening out, but still be home in plenty of time to go to bed for work the next morning. To keep the date from feeling impromptu or casual, hire a car and driver for the night.

Give a rain check. Give your significant other a coupon to be used on your next day off together. List on the coupon possible things that you could do to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Have them check off the things they would like to do and cash it in on a day that you can both share.

However you decide to celebrate Valentines Day, don’t forget to do something special for the person you love even if you have to work all day. Remember; it’s the thought that counts and even a small effort will be appreciated.

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